Swachh Bharat
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

Elite Cyclists

  • Saksham Pedal Delhi will also feature an Elite Race (SR Road), featuring 180+ professional Indian cyclists, both men & women, competing for a large prize money fund.
  • The winners/standings of this race will be decided on the basis of the points accumulated by the rider at the end of each lap. Race distance and route are yet to be finalized.
  • Participation in the Elite Race will be subject to invites and the men & women races will have separate starts.
  • Men’s
    Distance: 50KM
    Start Time: 6:00am
    End Time: 7:15am
  • Women’s
    Distance: 40KM
    Start Time: 6:05am
    End Time: 7:15am
  • What to Expect: - A high adrenaline race with a sprint to finish every lap to secure points.
  • Ask your friends & family to Catch the excitement LIVE from the public viewing gallery, on 7th October, 2018.